Imagine finding the kind of books you only dreamt of reading, the stories you’d hoped for as a kid and again as an adult. Imagine scooting around, seeking out lonely lost books on the lower shelves, pulling out interesting titles, intrigued by the odd sizes and various colors, and then finding that the work grabs you, takes you somewhere new, by an author you’d not heard of, or imagine that a story woke you up on some unfamiliar stratosphere. Outsider stories. These are the books we crave. To read. To publish. Now imagine sending in your work to us.


Think of the mutts at the shelter who have a few too many odd quirks and are hard to place. We’re looking for those type of manuscripts, the friendly yet unpredictable stories, poems, and hybrid works of uncertain pedigree and who all deserve to be read.

Finding a good home.

One book at a time. One Wild Dog at a time.

Our small press comes out of that need for representation, validation, and permission to write your stories and see them in print. The Big Five, the well-known agencies, and mainstream publishing world focuses on profits and national awards. That would be nice, but so would being published and read by friends and strangers. Finding an audience together, we can achieve that goal.

We’re looking for collections that speak for and from the misfits, outsiders, the voices rarely heard in the traditional publishing world. Too many of us can’t find wider audiences for our work, especially queer women/ agender writers. We’re here to help you reach out beyond your family and friends. Small indie presses are the answer. Trust us to share your words. Together, our stories connect us across communities and cultures.

The Goals:

  1. Annual anthology of travel stories from http://www.wanderlust-journal.com
  2. Chapbook of poetry.
  3. Booklet of short-fiction/cnf/ prose.

Be ready , you just never quite know what we’ll publish. We don’t have set parameters either but I will say that we’re actively looking for works of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction manuscripts that surprise. So take us with you, be generous, and tell the unexpected.

How do we stand out? Well…We’re interested in creating pocket books of prose or poetry,  no longer than 60 pages, with a simple color cover, and that are available in print and as ebooks.

Thanks. Let’s have fun with this.

Take care,
Sarah Leamy



Founder/ Manager – Sarah Leamy (Founder/Editor at www.wanderlust-Journal.com and on the creative non-fiction editorial team at upstreet and in 2017/8 at Hunger Mountain: The VCFA Journal of the Arts.)

Editor- M. Brianna Stallings (Managing Editor of www.wanderlust-journal.com, Guest Judge and Editor of the Best of Wanderlust Anthology 2019, Editor at Hunger Mountain: The VCFA Journal of the Arts, among others.)

We are open to all kinds of volunteers so feel free to contact us if you are interested. We do need a graphic artist to help with cover designs.

Thank you.